5 Challenges Legal Translations Are Facing

Technical translations, such as legal translation, are in some ways more complex than other types of translations and each project or task are handled with utmost care, providing time for research and contextual understanding. Still, they are

Here are some of the unique challenges that legal translation and interpretation services in Dubai are facing and their ways to overcome them:


  • Differences in legal terms and jargons


The law profession is broad but also specific on some levels. Although there are generic and common terms being used, there are law jargons that are specific in some legal expertise. For instance, there are terminologies in criminal law being used by legal practitioners but are not being used in corporate law studies. Legal translators would have to study these terms first so they can be familiar with the jargons and use it accordingly on translating legal documents.


It would be best if the client can provide a list of terms that are being used in their legal industry. This would help the translators to better understand the context of the text and would help them translate the document accurately and in accordance to the client’s specification.


  • Different laws depending on the jurisdiction


Aside from the jargons, legal translators faced the challenge of dealing with different laws existing depending on the location. This holds true for clients who want their documents for the purpose of distributing it to other locations and regions. But the problem is, it might be in conflict with the existing laws on the target locations.


Legal translators would always need to be careful when dealing with translation tasks like that. They should be given enough time to study the document and make sure that they are transposing and translating it without conflicting it with other existing legal system.


  • Cultural differences


Culture plays an important part on one’s country legal system and legal translator would have to take into account the culture and traditions of a target location when translating the document. This is to avoid offending other’s beliefs and existing laws related to it. This is the reason why legal translators of legal translation services in Abu Dhabi are working on learning cultures of different countries and location so they can accurately translate documents, legally and culturally.

  • Level of difficulty of document to be translated


The level of difficulty of legal document to be translated would depend on the source and the target language that it will be translated. Based on the level of difficulty, legal translators would give a realistic timeline to finish the translation.