Using Technology for Improved Recruitment Process

The recruitment agencies are trying to keep pace with the increased demand of job placements and the use of technology is helping them a great deal in tackling the situation. When we talk about the recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi or any other state of the United Arab Emirates, the pressure is always on the up because more and more people from the third world countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, etc. are trying their luck in the Emirates. People from the South Asian region have found Dubai and other states of the UAE as the perfect place to further their professional career which has also inspired many young kids to travel to this place in search of career advancement. However, they can add more probability of success to their bid by hiring a professional recruitment agency for the purpose.

Although, every company has its very own recruitment process but there are many top companies in the Emirates which hire professional recruitment companies and agencies to take care of their recruitment needs. These agencies have years of experience in the field of human resource and recruitment and know what type of candidates would be able to sustain the pressures of a particular job role and which qualities and qualifications would suffice the basic needs of a job. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire a professional recruitment firm before you actually land on the UAE soil.

These recruitment companies are studded and well-equipped with the latest technological wonders and have databases connected to their websites which allow the candidates to fill in their information at their convenience. In a way, this is a direct interaction between the recruitment agency and the candidates, which allow the both sides to understand each other’s perspective.

Typically, a recruitment agency finds the right human resource in four simple steps.

  1. They start by creating an open request which involves keying out or discovering a job vacancy on the basis of the duration of the role and the compensation. During the course of this step, the recruiters also write down the job description which are in line with the skills, experience, and knowledge, and education required for the role.
  2. Once the job is posted online, whether on the recruitment agency’s own website or on social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook, the job seekers throng the link and use the provided information to submit their details. These agencies also conduct several job fairs to hunt the talented human resource.
  3. The next step involves screening and shortlisting of candidates after proper review of the submitted resumes.
  4. The last but not the least step is interviewing and hiring the candidates, which may also involve new employee’s onboarding process. Visit the website to know more about how the recruitment agencies use modern technology to discover the new talent for their clients.