Best rental businesses to start in Dubai

Aiming to set up a successful event needs an essence according to the theme of the respective event, whether it’s a birthday party, a business meeting, a graduation party or any other special occasion. You need best of the best in equipment.

If you are hosting an event in Dubai, you need suitable environment. Good furniture choice can take the occasion to the next level and create an abiding impression for attendees.

Rental business for leasing equipment is a great business idea because you can generate good income with lower capital cost and higher profits.

Every rental business has its tips to keep in mind:

  1. Wedding rental equipment: This is one demanding rental business. Equipment and furniture is given in lease to stage weddings outdoors, in residential backyards and at party venues. Not just that you can solely rent equipment, you can also offer planning the wedding to augment your profit. The start-up investment for this business can be considerable because most of the weddings exceed more than 100 guests. The equipment for wedding rental can be tables, chairs, wedding and dance floor, table and chair clothes and silverware.
  2. Party Rentals: Here, you can rent a variety of equipment for different types of events for example birthday party, musical party etc. You can add up photo booths, sound system equipment, bounce houses and specialized party decorations to increase your offering list of rentals.
  3. Vehicle rentals: This rentals business can be solely of car, motor bikes or bicycles. While car or motorbike rentals may need huge investment to start, bicycle rentals are comparatively cheaper and more trending for both entertainment and commuting needs. Almost all major cities around the globe have rental bike stations for people to travel inexpensive and environmentally friendly.
  4. Construction equipment rentals: All construction projects require a great variety of tools. Many small contractors don’t have all the equipment. If you can afford, this business is a must go. This rental business is not for daily rentals. Construction projects last for months and thus your profit can be this high accordingly. You don’t necessarily have to buy all the heavy equipment in the beginning. You can start by renting small tools like excavation, landscaping and masonry tools etc.

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