How to Choose a Wedding Cake

If the bride and groom don’t already have enough on their hands, they also have to contend with selecting a gorgeous wedding cake that becomes the highlight of the wedding. If you are in the process of selecting a beautiful wedding cake in Abu Dhabi, here are a few tips to help you along:

Start Early: The design details and aesthetics of your wedding cake are greatly influenced by your choice of venue. For instance, sturdy fondant cakes fare much better in the scorching heat of an outdoor summer wedding then delicate buttercream icing. You can start shopping around for a credible baker after you have secured a wedding location.

Choose a Baker: One of the best ways of finding a wedding baker that suits your style is recommendations and word of mouth. You should also consider attending wedding fairs. There, you will get to meet local bakers, sample their cakes, and witness their creative styles for yourself, without committing to a private consultation. Click here to know more about choosing a baker.

Get Social: A lot of Bakers flaunt their cakes on social media, so that prospective couples can glean an idea of the types of cakes they specialize in and a sense of their work output. However, don’t let yourself be persuaded by swoon-worthy images alone until you have seen the actual works for yourself. Read reviews and online testimonials by actual clients to know what you are getting into before setting up a meeting.

Align a Style: Some bakers are known for providing a wide array of styles while others are highly specialized. For instance, some bakers might not be famous for doing rustic or buttercream cakes but are adept at baking fondant cakes imbued with modern aesthetics. As you peruse through wedding cake images online, scrutinize which style speak to you, be it glamorous, rustic, romantic, geometric, or whimsical. You will see a pattern emerging as you browse through images.

Schedule a Meeting: Once you have narrowed down your list of bakers, you can begin meeting them face to face to discuss your options. Before battling over Vanilla Bean vs. red velvet, your chosen Baker will need to know the nitty-gritty details about the wedding such as the estimated headcount, the venue, and the date.

Bottom line basics: Your Baker will help you decide which cake will fit within your budget. Your cake designer will try to meet your aesthetic needs while staying well within your wedding budget by giving you all possible options.