Job opportunities for an ACCA qualifier

An ACCA qualifier is recognized worldwide because of his advanced knowledge and skills in accounts and finance. There are a number of opportunities through out the world for such qualified students. But to fulfil all your career goals you must make sure that you have chosen the best institute for it, like for example ACCA course in Malaysia is trending on the top because of its best institutes and education standards. If you are unable to afford all the traveling expenses then online ACCA courses is the best option but make sure that they are done from a well known institute of ACCA.

Most of the people are quite confused regarding the job opportunities after completing their ACCA. That is why we have decided to address this topic in our article to let you know about some important job opportunities for an ACCA qualifier so that you could have a basic knowledge about the career and future of an ACCA professional.

Corporate treasurer

A corporate treasurer is a person who is responsible to ensure the stability of an organization regarding their capitals so that they could fulfill all their requirements. This is done by analyzing funding methods that are available to the respective organization. They also ensure that the cash needs of a company are met in the most effective manner. They are responsible to set certain strategies in terms of financial management in order to accomplish the targeted goals of an organization.

Financial controller

A financial controller refers to a senior executive of an organization. He is an in charge of an accounting department of a company and he is responsible to ensure all the financial records as according to legal and business protocols. Besides maintaining the records they may also perform some other activities as well like budgeting process, assessing financial data, compliance audits and much more.

Tax specialist

This job role is quite common among ACCA qualifiers as most of these professionals prefer it as their career. The main responsibility of a tax specialist is that he has to advise his clients about their tax payments in the best possible way according to the local and international laws. On the other hand they are also responsible to ensure that their company is fulfilling all the taxing requirement. Any misguidance by a tax specialist can lead their clients and company to a huge legal complication.