Question to ask when hiring international movers

Moving is not an easy task especially not when we are talking about moving countries and settling on a completely new piece of land. It can be quite difficult to manage such things and you may feel like burdened with a lot of work which is why you need to hire international packers and movers in Dubai to relieve off some stress. But before you could do that, here are a few questions to ask them and determine if they are the right pick:

  • Who loads the shipping container?

The size of the moving company will determine whether they hire third party to load off the shipping containers or do it themselves. If it’s the third party then you may want to inquire them too.

  • Will they use crates to load?

Depending on the kind of services you have chosen with Villa movers and packers in Dubai will help you pack your things in different ways. If it’s the crate packing and loading then your items can be safe but in case it isn’t, you may want to reconsider options.

  • Solo or cluster shipping?

These are the two different options which you should definitely consider as solo shipping would mean you items will be shipped alone in the container while cluster shipping would mean other people’s item will be added. Choose one you are comfortable with and make it clear to your movers.

  • Are they licensed?

You are going to trust the company with all your belongings and thus it is very crucial for you to run a quick background check on them. Ask if they are licensed and what is their insurance policy. If they can’t provide you with the details, just know something’s fishy in there.

  • Will they keep you updated in pictorial form?

For a company speaking so highly of their services, ask them if they can help you provide with pictures throughout the shipping and delivery process so that you are updated with the latest situation and know that your belongings are safely being shipped off.

  • How to manage customs?

Customs are a huge deal which is why when you arrange the delivery process, make sure that customs are also sorted to not be shocked with a heavy pay bill slapped on your bank account later.