A glimpse at the process of disabling your power of attorney

So far, you have been looking to have a power of attorney, but what if you realized that you didn’t need it anymore, what will you do? Interestingly, you can have your special power of attorney in Abu Dhabi disabled/ canceled too if and when you want. But, there are a few things that you must know prior to canceling the POA.  It is important to know that once the POA has fulfilled its purpose, it is no longer needed. When that happens, you should simply cancel it even if the deadline is far away. The risk of POA being manipulated is always there, regardless of how many cautions you’ve taken in advance. With that in mind, you must look to cancel it as soon it has served its purpose. Cancellation process will be done in steps, so make sure to understand the process properly:

Make an announcement

As discussed earlier, there is no point in announcing things verbally. You will have to consult your attorney again to discuss measures that you can take to effectively cancel the POA. One of the effective methods is to have a written notice that your POA has been revoked. Though this is not the legal way; it will just help spread the word. The next step would be more interesting, and authoritative.

Fill the form

After discussing the matter with your attorney, get a revocation form, fill it and mention yourself as the principle. Also, mention the city or state where this POA is to be revoked in. Secondly, mention the name and powers you had allocated to the agent in the POA. It is equally important to mention the date of starting and cancellation of the POA.


Once the form is completed, take it to an attestation officer along with two witnesses. You can also use an attestation service to simplify the process. The service will expedite the attestation process if you want it to. Take photos of you and your witnesses and sign the form in front of the attestation officer. Mention the word revoke that is easily readable over the attorney. Prepare copies of the notice and the POA and attach a copy each with the letter of revocation. Send copies to all clients, banks, institutions, and companies that knew about your POA. Look at here to learn more in-depth info on the complete process of revocation of POA document. It will help you understand the process and execute it properly.