Things to know about teeth whitening

Dental problems are very common among people these days. Due to several reasons a large population of kids has irregular teeth shape. But luckily, the solution of all dental problems can be cured by an expert dentist at a dental implant clinic in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is a big city where you will easily find some good dentists for your treatment. Other than that another common problem regarding teeth is yellow teeth or stains on teeth that make them look ugly. People who have dirty teeth are very much likely to lose their self-confidence while speaking. It can lead to many other problems like bad odor from mouth. In short this common problem needed to be cured if you want to have a perfect smile of confidence.

Teeth can easily be discolored by enormous factors like smoking, coffee, soda drinks, or other food. Increasing age also makes your teeth look yellow. But luckily science has discovered many treatments to get your teeth clean and stainless via different ways. The procedure of teeth whitening has become very affordable and convenient. However tooth whitening is not suitable to everyone. Teeth which are discolored into yellow, orange or brown color can be effectively treated with cosmetic tooth whitening. Whereas grey stains are harder to remove due to heredity or tetracycline. People having sensitive teeth, tooth decay, periodontal disease are also recommended not to get tooth whitening treatment.

To whiten your teeth, you can use hydrogen peroxide as a key ingredient, when it comes over the surface of tooth, it color lightens. Your tooth condition determine that how it is applied and for how long. Your dentist can get you a custom made teeth bleaching system according to your teeth type & condition.

Besides dental expert treatment, there are many new things introduced for teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi. The local stores have many tooth whitening kits and tools. Let’s get some detail about other possible treatments from your local store:

1:Whitening strips: These are strips that are coated with hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. These are transparent in color, so they are not visible when applied. In starting days, you have to put them on your teeth twice a day for 30 minutes each time.

2: Whitening gel: The whitening gel is applied on tooth brush during regular brushing. It takes two weeks to show the results.

3: Teeth whitening tray: This is most effective solution in which a tray which is fitted inside your mouth covers your teeth. There is hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent inside tray like gel. Wearing this tray for couple hours a day will get you excellent results in few days.