Things to know about visas

Most of us often wonder what is so special about visas that it takes so much of time to process them and in order to handle the process, eb 5 visa lawyers are required. Well, don’t worry as here we will run you through all the reasons that visa is so important, what types are there and how do you acquire one.

So visa is basically a sticker which is approved by the government of a certain state on a traveller’s passport in form of document. This is a permission which is granted to non citizens for entering the country for a specified period of time, with a few conditions of limited entry and prohibition against jobs and employment depending on your type of visa.

Here is a list of some of the most popular visa types which are acquired by people under different satiations and circumstances.

  • Visitor visas are for non immigrants who are in the country for a very small period of time for business purposes or family holiday. Most of the countries have their own meaning and definition of visitor visa, so you may want to check what it means for you.
  • Tourist visa is pretty self explanatory as it is issued to those who would like to travel around for sightseeing and pleasure. These can be completely free willed alone trips and also company sponsored business trips for business purposes.
  • Private visa invitations are handed to those whose family relatives are lawfully living in a nation where they would like to call them over to their place on their own regard. This is not specifically granted by the country so you may want to see for the rules and etc.
  • Student visa is another very obvious option for all those children who would like to go study abroad and secure a better future for themselves. You may want to consider getting admission before acquiring for the visa so that you have all the enrolment proofs etc to show up with.
  • Work visa is for all those skilled men who would like to work in a different company and be employed. You have to be an exceptional case to be accepted for the work visa and be very stern about your future plans and perspectives for it to work out.

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