Most Suitable Places to Take your Children when in Dubai

Most of people think that Dubai is the place for grownups only who want to travel to this exotic location in order to spend their money on expensive and luxurious hotels and in famous Dubai Moll. But Dubai is also very suitable for kids. Many people go there on family vacations, which means that they travel with their children and that youngest of Dubai visitors need to have some attractions and distractions, so that their parents would be able to have some time to enjoy Dubai without them holding their hand all the time.

Some of the places are perfectly safe to leave your child there because the facilities provide professionals to take care of your most valuable possession in the world. But of course – some of the places might be inspiring enough even for you to stay there and let your inner child go out and play.

Legoland is extremely popular. Your kid will be amazed by the huge Lego sculptures you will see in every corner. It will inspire their own imagination and creativity which is most important thing of all. You can buy the newest Lego product there and you can also find large rooms beautifully adapted, where kids sit and enjoy the creative process of building things with Lego.

Some researches show that the most popular and enjoyable thing among kids visiting Dubai is Dolphin Bay, so called Dolphinarium. It is a mesmerizing place where both kids and adults lose their breath while watching, swimming and playing with these amazing creatures. Specially trained staff will be with your child on each and every step of the way. Dolphins are trained and used to work, play and swim with children. You can also watch the dolphin shows that are thrown daily, pay for your kid to have a private swimming day with dolphins or just enjoy watching these smart mammals being trained and fed. Spending time with dolphins id proven to have soothing and curable effect on many.

Of course there is a water park. Everybody needs some exceptional cooling down in the hot city of Dubai. The park is called Wild Wadi and good news is that it is not only for the youngest of people. There is a part of the park that is adapted only for children; small water slides, rubber boats and big floating animals. But when your kid gets tired, you can go enjoy some of the biggest slides you have ever seen, take a ride on a water train or just relax and float on the surface of the lake.

According to adults – best place for kids is IMG Worlds of Adventure. Is it because kids get so very tired there or because there is so much content suitable even for the parents? Whatever the reason may be, this place is huge! Imagine almost 30 football courts put together! You can walk all day and still not get to see all of its attractions. Your kids will get to meet their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes and your entire family will enjoy the world’s funniest and most exciting roller coasters.

Don’t hesitate to bring your children along to Dubai! There is something for everyone there.